Why does my skincare product roll off of my face?

You’ve probably experienced it before: you apply a cream to your face after applying a serum and then you feel small balls (also called “pilling”) forming while rubbing it in. Very annoying .. but how is that possible? And how can you prevent this?

Not the right order

If you apply skincare products in the wrong order then it may be that certain substances are not absorbed by your skin. Here you can read in detail what the correct order is and why.

Insufficient ‘rest’ between products

Every layer that you apply to the skin must have enough time to absorb. If you do not do this, you’ll just wipe the product away with the next product that you are going to apply. And that would be a shame!

Give your skin time to absorb the product between layers. Often it is not the product itself that causes ‘pilling’ but impatience.

Remove skin cells

Exfoliating can also lend you a hand in absorbing your skincare products. And that’s not so strange; the fewer dead skin cells present on your face, the easier it is for a product to be absorbed by your skin.

Facial oil? Dab please!

If you like to use a facial oil, do not rub that facial oil in, but gently pat it on your face. This way you least disturb the other layers that have just been applied.

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