The perfect Instagram skin

Every skin is tight looking, without stretch marks or impurities. That is the image you get from other people on social media and to which you compare yourself to every day. One person may be more concerned about it than the other, but this slick image plays a major role in the daily life of the average millennial. Almost everyone who frequently uses the internet is struggling with it.

It makes us wonder: why do not I look as good as that beautiful girl on Instagram? We sometimes forget that social media gives a distorted picture of reality. Photos are edited to the pixel and the result looks perfect. What does that do to ourselves? We stuck on the idea that we always have to look good. This applies more or less to the whole body, such as your hair and clothing, but also the condition of your skin.

The skin is the largest organ in our possession and thereby plays a major role in ‘being perfect’. If our skin does not cooperate, we generally feel bad about ourselves. And the most annoying thing is, sometimes you have very little control over it. Hormones, temperature changes and other recurring factors such as eczema an occur. Of course it can also be that you find it difficult to find the right products to protect your skin or maybe you do not know what skin type you have. If you are curious about this, you can read my blog post about how you can keep your skin hydrated or you can analyze your skin type. In many cases there is a solution for your skin ailments, or at least a way to reduce it!

Nobody is perfect, and there is certainly no skin that is perfect. Every skin is different, but there are so many things that our skin has in common. Birthmarks, scars, fine lines and so on. We can not ignore it. Those things are just there, we do not like to admit it. And we do not want to show it at all.


What do you think of the image of social media?



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