Reusable cotton pads

We do everything we can to make life on earth a bit more sustainable. By neatly separating your waste, cooking on induction, installing solar panels for your home and so on. We strive to contribute to a better world as much as possible. Yet there are still a lot of disposable products that we use on a daily basis. While there are more environmentally friendly alternatives out there. Same goes for cosmetics, how about cotton pads that you can wash and reuse!

What is the advantage of using reusable cotton pads?

You can use the cotton pads up to 300 times. This saves you money in the long-term and a lot of waste. After each use, wash these reusable pads and you can use them again. Yes, 300 times.

What is it made of?

These reusable cotton pads from are made from two layers of organic cotton. The difference with normal cotton and organic cotton is that organic cotton is grown without the use of pesticide chemicals. A cleaner and less environmentally polluting process than normal cotton.

Incredible product

Because organic cotton is very soft, it is an incredible product to clean your face with. Personally, I find this even better than regular cotton pads cotton pads are so soft. Even after washing, they are soft and that without using fabric softener! For 9.95 you can order them at Really a product that I would recommend!

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